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Meet Your Inspector, Justin Wallace

I’ve been involved in home construction for as long as I can remember. I got my first power tool set for Christmas when I was 10, constructed my first home addition with my Uncle when I was eleven, and landed my first “gig” as a framer during the summer of my seventh grade school year when my drafting teacher realized my passion for home building, and offered me a job. As the son of a professional Interior Designer, home improvements were a way of life and a source of income throughout my teenage years.

After High School, I studied Architectural Drafting and Design for 2 years at Westwood College of Technology in Denver. This career path led to a position as an estimator and Quality Control Manager for a Company specializing in low and zero energy construction products for commercial and residential construction. I was eventually promoted to the Technical Director and Corporate Trainer for the company, where I got the opportunity to train over 200 builders from around the country and around the world on green building best practices, including being involved in some of the first LEED certified and Passiv Haus structures in the country. Navigating the green building industry piqued an interest not only in how homes were built, but also how they performed.

I remained interested in green building, but missed Colorado, so I moved home and became a distributor for the product I represented, and started my first home building company in 2012. I’ve designed over 20 homes for customers over the last 10 years, and built many of the homes I designed. My company has constructed numerous high performance structures including off-grid zero energy homes in the mountains and a 12,500 square foot structure that became the first net zero energy office building in Golden, CO. As the market in green building became more crowded, I branched out into remodels and smaller projects as well.

This is where I became intimately familiar with the ins and outs of existing buildings. I got to see very high quality builds by custom builders, as well as some of the most unbelievable bubble gum and duct tape fixes you could ever imagine. I started helping friends and family members evaluate homes they intended to purchase, which guided my next career evolution as a home inspector. I’ve been involved with home construction from inception to final inspection and performance evaluation for my entire career, and most of my life. I have an eye for items that present a red flag related to life and safety, and I’ve developed a hunch for a well constructed properties. This experience is what I bring to the table, and is the value I hope to manifest for each of my home inspection clients.

We have the tools

Thermal imaging, moisture readers, GFCI testers and more.

Easy-to-read Report

An HTML or PDF report that gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Certified Experience

We are certified with the largest home inspector association on the planet.

Competitive Pricing

You will get a high-quality inspection for the money you spend.

Years Experience

I have 30 years home building experience, 20 years draftsman/home designer, 10 years as a licensed general contractor. I’ve seen it all.

Follow-up Support

We make ourselves available for any questions you might have.

You’re not just buying an inspection.
You’re buying years of experience.

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